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Literature awards site---- Bedtime story

Literature awards as the name suggest it is given for literary work. Writing is an art that is not practiced by all. It is not like cricket that anyone takes up the moment they are born. This requires imagination and that is possible only if one has knowledge. We are surrounded by knowledge where ever we go and so it is up to us as to how much we can take in or absorb. Knowledge is food for the mind and it is we who have to feed it. No knowledge is free and we have to pay a price for it.

Young writers obviously have young ideas through young minds. One can browse through current and past literary winners and their works at the sites which can be downloaded from any cyber point. In fact, there are some that do ask for submission of one’s own literary work for consideration. Crossroads is one place that one can get all the information. Let us now look at a few Literature awards that one can go through and get inspiration.

Bakeless Literary award: This is an award given for new authors of literary work in poetry and fiction and also creative nonfiction. Writers may apply online for which there is a fee at the time of submission. Applicants who have an account will be just asked to log in and submit their work and those who are new to this will need to set up an account before submitting the application. This is the right place for anyone who is an emerging writer and who needs to focus on a particular project and who needs time to make further research on the project.

Bram Stroker awards: This is an award for outstanding writing in horror writing. This award is presented in twelve categories and is awarded every year by The Horror Writers Association. Horror story writing is not so easy. Visually it is easier to scare a person but through writing it is all the more difficult. Horror writing is different from suspense writing, so those who feel that they have the talent for writing horror stories could be in line for an award.

Coretta Scott King award: This award is given annually to an American African writer for outstanding inspirational and educational contribution. The Afro-American writer award was given to those writers that started a revolution in the nineties during the black uprising. The award commemorates the work of the Late Martin Luther King and honors the wife Mrs. Coretta Scott King. It was said that she had the bravery and willpower to continue the work for brotherhood and peace.

The Costa Book Awards: This award is for the residents of the United Kingdom. This award is presented in five categories such as Novel, poetry, First Novel, Biography and Children’s books. The award was launched in the year twenty hundred and twelve. Surprisingly the winner is selected by the general public.