A Few Notable Writers Of Hilton Head Island

Throughout the world, there are certain places that are known for being the home of creative people. One of these is Hilton Head Island in South Carolina, a gorgeous place that has been home to many famous writers over the years, including:

Patricia Cornwell

Freelance writer typewritingThe modern crime writer Patricia Cornwell was born with the name Patricia Carroll Daniels in the summer of 1956 in Miami. A few years later, her mother relocated to the beauty of South Carolina in order to escape her abusive spouse, Patricia’s father.

As a youth, Patricia was mentored by Ruth Bell Graham, wife of evangelical preacher Billy Graham, who recognized talent in the troubled girl. Although her mother battled depression, Cornwell focused on her studies and obtained her bachelor’s degree in 1979. She began writing for news publications and eventually secured a printing agreement for her first novel. Since then, she has released multiple works and won several awards.

Wilbur Cross

Mr. Cross was born at the beginning of the 20th century and was immersed in the written word his entire life. As a young man, he attended Kent School and Yale University. After obtaining his degree, he served his country in the United States Navy before returning stateside to enter the world of journalism.

During his life, Wilber Cross wrote more than 50 books, largely based on non-fiction interests. Additionally, he spent a decade as an editor for world renowned Life magazine.

Kathryn R. Wall

Though originally from Ohio, Kathryn R. Wall has spent more than a decade living on Hilton Head Island with her husband, Norman. She prefers to be called Kathy by friends and enjoys the quiet country life that she enjoys on the island.

Though she wrote her first story in early elementary school, she did not take up professional writing until after she retired from a 25-year career as an accountant. Her works largely involve fictional stories in settings similar to her current surroundings.

John Jakes

Originally from Chicago, John William Jakes produces historical fiction that has been met with great praise by fans. His works include fantasy and science fiction as well. He has also released works under the name of Jay Scotland.

James Templer

Science fiction author James Templer has been publishing for many of his 85 years and is not ready to quit yet! He addresses interesting questions in each of his novels, such as whether or not life exists on other planets. His perspective in the industry is unique and refreshing!

Each of these authors has contributed to the world of literature in unique ways that were perhaps influenced by life on the island. Whether it is the slight isolation provided by island life, being surrounded by the waters of the Atlantic or the historic air of the place that provides the inspiration for them, who knows? What is certain is that reading a selection of works by these writers will help to broaden your horizons and introduce you to new worlds.